My Story


About Me

I have spent the better part of 12 years focused on aromatherapy, making natural self care products and creating memorable events- all in which allows me to help people, to make them feel good, to bring happiness and help reduce stress in peoples lives. Man- I love that!

Throughout those years I have obtained many certifications and diplomas to further my knowledge before creating Andrea Ashley Co- a company that integrates holistic skin care, self care and self love into a awesome events and projects that includes all my passions and expertise.

So just in case you are wanting to know who you are taking advice and having manage your Holistic project or event...

My education includes:

  • Diploma in advanced skin care (so I get skin, I also get working in spas and providing skin care services. I've done the grunt work girl, I get you!)
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism with a designation in Special Events from George Brown College (I am super friendly and know how to create a wicked event that promotes your new product line or just a girls night in of pampering and well being)
  • Certified reflexologist with Reflexology Association of Canada (I understand and am educated in holistic modalities and the awesosme benefits, but I no longer want to touch feet)
  • Completed Yoga Teacher Training with Hot Yoga Wellness and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Unnata (Can guide you through a relaxing yoga class and do a DIY face mask party for your bridal shower...what?!)
  • Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist (I really do know essential oils, I did not get my knowledge from some trendy marketing or sales info now that its popular, but only through years of studying and practicing and trainings)
  • Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation (Umm, yea! Custom skin care or product line development- I am your girl!)
  • Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science (Just in case you needed more about how much I love natural skin care and healthy living!)


Beyond what I do, this is WHO I AM and what I have to say:

I LOVE indulgent girly products. I love baths, candles, a good homemade body oil, adore spa treatments, LOVE helping people and increasing positive vibes to everyone I meet- basically EVERYTHING that nourishes and pampers the skin + soul

I want to create products that are kind to the environment, kind to animals, kind to our skin and bodies and most of all that INSPIRE women to be kind to themselves and others.

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves and todays modern society is one that heavily focuses on fitness and beauty. Keeping up with today's trends does not mean you have to surgically CHANGE parts of your body or go into a spiral of negative self talk because you THINK you are missing some crucial part that would make you PERFECT.

The fact is, you are already perfect, you are already complete just the WAY YOU ARE. If there is anything you should want to change, change how you look at yourself in the mirror: looking with love and appreciation instead of a fix it list. Change how you speak about yourself and TO yourself so it is with confidence and so it would be inspiring to little girls looking up to you.Change how you speak to and about other women so it is uplifting, encourgaing and KIND. CHANGE your mindet instead, but NEVER for a second think you have to change the shape of your nose, size of your breasts, length of your legs, width of your hips, or pout of your lips in order to be beautiful.

Treat yourself with LOVE. With RESPECT. With NURTURING KINDESS.

Taking care of yourself is NOT a self induldgence or pampering- it is self nourishment, self love and much needed self care in a hectic world with many daily demands.

You DESERVE the BEST: All natural, all custom, all made exclusively for YOU. Skin Care made for your over-all wellbeing. 

XO Andrea Ashley

Environmental Initiative

Although we don't have much choice but to go outside of our local stomping grounds to find the ingredients we do cooperative with a local supplier who brings all the wonderful world-wide ingredients to our fingertips and we still purchase locally whenever it is possible.

This may seem like a no brainer because we are in the natural and organic industry but we DO CARE about the environment and want to minimize our impact at every corner we can. Here are a few of the things we do:

  • Purchase locally when we can to cut down on travel emmissions that contirbute to air pollution and use up petroleum resources
  • Use minimal package to cut down on waste, that pretty extra outside box that some of your other products have come in won't help with your skin care anyways!  It's just another waste for our planet and costs you more money to get the product you WANT in your hand.
  • Our production facility uses energy efficient heating, cooling, appliances and electronics including LED bulbs for product production and packaging.
  • Our suppliers operate on a septic system and take great pride in making sure that everything that goes down the drain is organic or bio-degradable
  • Our supplier use recycled packing to ship all our wonderful Andrea Ashley products to use and we in turn also re-use packaging for shipping our products to you! So if you recieve a box that looks like it's been around a few probably has! Try to do the same for yourself and re-use it at least one more time before RECYCLING it for good.