10 Reasons Why Citrus Essential Oils Benefit The Body-- Not Just for Household Cleaners!

When we think and smell citrus, we generally associate the smell with cleaning products (ie. who wouldn’t want their home smelling lemony fresh?) But, on the flip side, citrus essential oils such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit are also super beneficial for the body.


Benefits of Citrus Oils for the Mind + Body:

  1. Citrus oils can help neutralize acid in your body. This is beneficial for stimulating the immune system, which can help fight infections

  2. They have powerful anti-microbial properties which can help destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi

  3. They also have uplifting, refreshing, and anti-depressant qualities. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly cut orange?

  4. These scents can also be very calming and help relieve stress and anxiety

  5. They’re also good for increasing circulation, which is beneficial for skin care 

  6. Citrus oils are also very beneficial for relieving insomnia 

  7. They can also help with improving concentration and memory recall

  8. Orange – A very relaxing scent, Orange oil, has anti-tumoral and anti-coagulant properties. It’s also really good for indigestion

  9. Lemon – as you may know, is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and immune stimulating oil. Also a very uplifting scent with anti-depressing qualities. 

  10. Grapefruit – as mentioned above, has an anti-depressant quality to it, as well as being a diuretic (something that promotes the production of urine). It also contains stimulating and cleansing properties for the kidneys, lymphatic, and vascular systems. Its smell is also uplifting and can relieve anxiety.  

So next time you’re suffering from anxiety, hindered spirits, or even a cold, try Citrus essential oils! And with the leftovers, you can get your kitchen looking spotless and smelling great! 


Want to try Citrus Oils in your Home?

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As Always, please check with a health care provider or certified Aromatherapist to ensure using essential oils is right for YOU! Always, always, always properly dilute your essential oils before using (Standard Rule or Thumb: 25ml of a carrier to 8 drops essential oil MAX). Citrus Oils are Photosensitive so never use prior to going out in sunlight as it can cause hyper pigmintation.



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