8 Beauty Habits you should do EVERY morning

Start Healthy:

1) Hot water with Lemon

Great to cleanse the gut, starting it on the right note for the whole day. It's also slightly detoxifying- and we all know healthy body= healthy skin!

2) Light Stretching 

Including spinal twists to further aid in detoxification- stimulating the internal organs. Did you know that most skin issues can be traced back to a sluggish digestive system or over worked liver? Lets remedy that!

3) GREEN Juice

Totally detoxifying, filled with vitamins and minerals and loaded with anti-oxidants to combat aging and acne. I love using fresh kale or dandelion with a squeeze of lemon to release all its beneficial properties, adding in an apple  and half a cucumber to the mix to cut the bitterness, add some sweetness and make it a healthy meal to start the day.


Get Clean:

4) Start your morning cleansing routine with dry brushing the entire BOD before hoping into a shower.

Gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to skin + improves circulation, helping you get that luscious glow!

5) Use *Essential oils in the shower for a makeshift healthy steam room to start your day!

Rosemary is great for cleaning out the pores in the skin as well as is an invigorating and stimulating scent to help you wake up in the morning. 

Hydrate + Moisturize:

6) Complete your morning ritual with slathering yourself in some MOISTURE!

You can use all natural body lotion, body butter or body oil depending on what you skin is needing! (Homemade or freshly made by your local cosmetic developer or aromatherapist is best!)

7) Down water, all damn day.  

Reverse Osmosis or something well purified is best.

8) Ditch Coffee for Green Tea. 

Removes the need to intake dairy and sugar, which are both bad for your skin as dairy causes inflammation and sugar stalls cell regeneration, therefore contributes to aging! PLUS it has loads of anti-aging properties because its packed with anti-oxidants fighting those free radicals that so desperately want to tear our collagen down and make us old.

* Remember to dilute and properly use your essential oils for safety. You can make a shower disc (similar to a bath bomb- email or PM for recipe!)

XO Andrea Ashley



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