Aromatherapy Blend for gaining perspective

It's all about perspective baby. Your world changes when the way you look at it changes. My partner tends to look at the challenge in everything, where things can go wrong- in order to be well prepared. I understand where he is coming from and his desire to be aware and analytical and smart, and in many situations that to his advantage. But in everyday life, my personal opinion is- WTF for? What is the point of taking everything and finding the downfall or what could be the downfall? Just so your better prepare? No thank you. to me it is a waste of precious minutes, even if it is only seconds worrying about something that may not even exist. Plus I strongly feel that energy goes where you put it, so why in the world would I put my energy into thinking anything other than beautiful, good thoughts about all around me. It's my world and I want it to be peaceful, kind and in flow, so first my thoughts must be. So when you lose perspective, take a step back, throw on some lemongrass essential oil (known to be great for "lack of perspective") and ask yourself where is the beauty in this, what can I learn, what can I embrace (even if it is a challenge). Happy perspective seeking babes. AA xo


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