Aromatherapy Blend for Mood Swings

To quote my partner, he has dated many women since he has met me. Yes, we have been an exclusive, living together, monogamous relationship for nearly 5 years now, but he is not wrong in his comment. First off, the last two years were perhaps (perhaps? who the f am I kidding, absolutely, gut wrenching without a doubt) the most excruciating, confusing, paralyzing I have yet to experience and of course with that comes major transformation. You cannot go through such experiences and come out the same as you started. And how lucky and beautiful that is, after all it is the human experience. Because of this he is right, he has dated two women since we have met. Then there is this thing called hormones. To him, a 31 year old man, thought was a myth, an excuse women used to get away with being a straight up bitch (he has sisters and that was his personal experience)- UNTIL he moved in with me. He knew when my period was coming before I did. I am like infinite optimism girl, go with the flow, its all good, kind of girl...until PMS sets in and then every tiny little thing gets to me and I go from being so in love to questioning if we should even be together (every single month for the first year or so until I made the connection lol). So yes, he is right in saying he has dated many women since he met me. And to that I say So what?! I am a woman and more than that I am human. We eb and flow, change, grow and have bad days. So when things are making you cray- throw on my mood swing blend of #lavender, #cypress and #patchouli, connect with what is going on, become aware and get through it like the champ I know you are. Sending love, AA xo


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