Detox Diva: Red Clay for Skin Care

In need of a Skin Detox?  

Red clay is the most aggressive of all clay used in skin care as it causes a deep pulling and detoxification from the skin.

Red Clay is SUPER High in Iron- giving it its reddish colour; and Iron is WICKED for helping Clear + Heal Acne.


So suit up with a RED CLAY Face Mask to get divinely detoxified skin!

When using red clay, always use it as a specialty clay, adding about only 25% of red clay to another clay to slow the pulling effect using a recipe as suggested below.

Red Clay Face Mask Recipe:




  1. Mix clays together thoroughly
  2. Then take a small amount of the clay mixture and mix with a natural lotion base until creamy and spreadable
  3. Apply to skin
  4. Leave on for 30 minutes
  5. Rinse with warm water
  6. Save rest of dry clay mixture in container to use as you need


Want to try this DIY at home?

Email hello@andreaashley.cato place your order for the Detox Diva: Read Clay Mask Ingredients!


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