Essential Oils: Must-Know Info

I had the pleasure of being Interviewed by Rachael Pontillo of Holisitically Haute, and we chatted a lot about essential oils.

Essential oils as much as they've become trendy and easily accessible does not mean that you can be using them in whichever way you please. Each oil is so different and so complex, that it is truly important to know and understand what you are working with and why. Now, this is not meant to cause ay alarm or scare you from using oils, because in my opinion they are still safer than pharmaceuticals to use, but rather just to educate you. To become aware of just how potent these oils are and to understand that are not just a natural farce that cannot have any effects or harm.

Another thing to be aware of is that not all essential oils are created equally.  So just shopping for the best price is not wht should be guiding your decision. In fact, if oils are too low or below standard market prices it is often cause for concern that youa re not purchasing a quality oil or even and essential oil at all. Instead it could be an oil cut with a carrier oil, cut with petroleum or even with synthetic chemicals to help extend the smell of the oil.

Be smart when purchasing lovelies, and buy from a supplier you know and trust.

The conversation Rachael and I had could've went on for hours, but here is a breif snapses of our thoughts on oils.


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