Moroccan Oil Spa Treatment

As the second month to my New Year's Resolution was nearing a rapid end, I kept my resolution to do a spa day once a month by visiting the Shizen Spa at Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown T.O.

The front doors to hotel lobby are off a side street just south of King and Yonge and as you are walked in you are immediately directed to the elevators to head up to the 4th floor spa.  The entrance of the spa was equally small and not overly impressive as the hotel lobby, however, everything was very neat lean and nice looking.

I was greated by a welcoming receptionist named Veronica who gave me a tour of the spa and a key to my locker to change into flip flops and a robe. Change rooms again matched the entrances and hotel lobby, small, neat, tidy, unimpressive but very nice looking.

After I changed into my robe I was taken into the spa waiting area, where you walk through double doors to a very beautiful mahogany wooden staircase that walks you up to the jacuzzi and moroccan style setting with loads of colourful pillows placed on the bench-like seating area.  I, of course out of all this make quick dash to the snacks and tea. Croissants, muffins, slimming tea and water.  I poured myself a tea and selected a croissant and began to sink into the pillows as I feel myself relax into the day.

Once I finished my tea and croissant I mosey over to climb into the jacuzzi.  while the esthetic aspect of the atemosphere was lovely, the fact that the jacuzzi is parked right in front of where people get their nails done and in front of the hall where new guests are arriving and going into the changing rooms, this may not be a comforting feeling to some spa goer's as they may feel on display. However, my personal urge for relaxation and getting the full experience always over powers such tihings- so I had no problem.

I originally chose a body wrap, however once I got to the spa and saw the products they used and ingredients in each I quickly bowed out and asked to change services.  They products are not natural and are heavily fragranced- so not my style, I am an organic, natural, green machine- plus I have sesitive skin so I only use essential oil based products and steer away from fragrance.  This of course lead me to try the signature moroccan oil treatment.

My esthetician was super sweet, the room was large and comfortable and the treatment started with a hair oil massage- which I love. Quickly followed by a throrough body scrub, which I also loved.  Finishing with a moisturizing lotion application.  Here is how I personally felt about the treatment: The scalp massage could've went a little longer, the scrub was perfect amount of time and ensured all dead skin cells were sloughed off, however my feet and belly were not included- I don't know about you but every other body scrub I have ever recieved includes all areas, or at least offers it if you comfortable- and the foot scrub is one of the best parts, everyone benefits from a foot scrub!  The lotion application was very quick and I finished in less time than my treatment advertised.  My skin did not feel a huge benefit as I usually feel after a body treatment (example- turkish bath at hammam spa, I felt the silky smooth benefits of that treatment all day long and into the next!) 

All and all 2 out of 5. Wouldn't be a place I would choose to go again. As a positive side note, my friend who accompanied me got a massage and raved about it. So perhaps their RMT's are something to try out!


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