My Bio Energy Experience

What is Bio Energy?

If you haven't yet heard of this modality check out Holistic Beauty Magazine Interview with Sabrina Tosi-Creet to find out all about this beautiful treatment.

Before I met Sabrina I had never heard of Bio Energy treatments, but I was drawn to her and her personal beautiful energy and we decided to connect on the phone. During that conversation she shared some intimate details about her personal experiences in life and her path to bio energy and the powerful outcomes, mental and physical, that came with that journey. Beyond intrigued, and just genuinely felt connected to Sabrina as a person, I was ready to try this modality for myself. Here I share my intimate, unedited notes from my experience of Bio Energy with Sabrina Tosi-Creet.

Check out the video chronicle here: https://www.facebook.com/blossombioenergy.ca/videos/525584611106004/




Went in feeling tired. The treatment was calming and relaxing. My body was swaying back and forth. I did get a sharp pain in the left side of my upper ribs, and had moments where my heart/chest felt heavy. My breathing became difficult at several points throughout the treatment, almost like an intense release. Energy was moving and blockages were flowing and I could feel that. I began to get really warm and felt a little nauseous. Sabrina had me sit down for a little while as she continued to work on me.

She said my brow was very heavy and active- a non stop mind. It is always going. And also mentioned my throat chakra was stuck or clogged. My communication and creativity was being suppressed.

By the end of the treatment I was feeling much more awake. Like I just work up from a restful sleep. I felt calm, grounded, more aware and much less stressed. I didn't even feel compelled to check my phone, or turn on the radio. I spent most of the drive taking deep therapeutic breaths and not worrying about how long the drive would be or getting anxious to get to the next meeting.

That night I shut down work at a decent time without guilt (which I normally have) and I even went to bed early and had some self care time as my night time ritual (something I used to do habitually). I did a meditation and for the first time in a while I was actually able to connect with it as I used to before the stress. I feel asleep fast and slept well.

I woke up fairly rested, decided to get up make some formulas and head out for a run and little workout. Again, not feeling rushed, panicked or constantly needing to check the phone or emails as bad as I usually do. I was more quiet and calm in general and really put myself first. Chris (my parnter) did react negatively because I was quiet and focused. He was thinking I was ignoring him or upset because there was a distinct change, but his reaction at the time was a little hurt and came off upset, which would usually cause me to take it on personally- like it was my fault and I had to fix something. But instead, I simply asked questions to help clarify and continued on with my day rather than taking it on and carrying it around emotionally and/or making it worse by reacting with frustration or anger. Again, more aware and less attached to what isn't mine.

Treatment #2

Went in with reduced stress than I did the previous day. The pain in my left side high ribs came back again, along with the heavy energy surrounding my heart and chest, the difficult breathing began. This time it did get more intense. Sabrina worked on it directly, it got more intense, it was a strong energy bubbling up and it made me want to laugh and cry, my breath on the exhale was broken as if I were laughing or crying. Eventually I did cry. The pain from my family. It hurt me deeply. It still lived in me and manifested as physical pain. I did not acknowledge it in full, so I had learned by this experience, or should say re-learned, as I always knew I didn't delve in quite as deep as need to be to let go of just how much pain I incurred. I was quiet the entire time but Sabrina said whatever it is- acknowledge it and let it go. I did, I repeated it (silently), I recognized the pain was so incredible. The pain and hurt and actions forever changed who I am or who I was going to be. Everything was physically intense for quite a while, until the pain started to move around and eventually subside and I felt lighter. Breathing became easier and more relaxed. I felt lighter, uplifted, but slightly depleted from the release. Sabrina said after the treatment that she was trying to get to my heart and the energy was expanding, it kept pushing her away. Which is a good thing, my heart was opening and expanding.

She said my brow was much lighter as well.

She mentioned that when she was working on my back she felt a lot of tension

I left again, feeling less anxious and stressed than the day before. More aware and in my body, less reactive if that makes sense. Meaning I can take on challenges without it cuasing a huge reaction, instead just acknowledge it for what it is rather than let it get to me personally. Dealing with things with an emotional ease, calm and insight than knee jerk.

Again, shut down work at a decent time Relaxed for a few hours. Did my night time self care ritual and headed to bed at a time that makes sense for my well-being rather than fighting to stay awake and work even though my body cannot handle it. Feels good to be getting back to myself.


Treatment #3

Went in a little stressed after a meeting today, I always start to doubt myself, The tiniest thing that could be taken as negatively I emotionally attach to and think of myself as a failure and negate the other 95% positive that I have accomplished. Throwing the towel in because of 5% need for improvement is insane. Logically I know that. Emotionally, well the emotions say otherwise. I am working on overcoming my insecurity. Sabrina instantly talked to me through some things to do with this- reminding me that the negativity that I am getting is my mirror and must exist in me somewhere. That I need to accept my own negative tendencies and embrace them. I explained it is not the negativity that is mirroring me-I am not a negative person. It is my thought that I am going to fail, that I am always doing something wrong, that I am not good enough to be able to pull things off. She said I need to let this go. I am meant to shine, We all are. That changing my mind set will allow me to attract more of the right people who also want to see me shine.

The treatment at first was uncomfortable, not like before with physical pain or emotion, but in an impatient uncomfortable- like I wanted it to be over and then within a flash it felt like the quickest treatment I ever had and ended up being my best one! I cannot pin point how or why, I just felt happier and that I really enjoyed that one. She said she was going to suggest a stone for me to purchase…I will have to ask her what that is.

Again, my brow, heart and communication/throat chakra improved since yesterday. She said that I would be feeling more creative yesterday, and today that I would have increased ability to communicate/express and that I should try whether it be writing it down or vocally. She also said I really need to celebrate and have fun and be silly and enjoy life and CELEBRATE my achievements. That the universe will give me more if I take the time to relish in what I accomplished. She suggested having a fun night or day out with the girls, dance, laugh, ignite my sacral chakra that connects me to my power. That it cannot be all serious all the time. (Total side note, I pulled the Celebrate card about 6x in the following couple of weeks from my "May you know love" deck. I get it, I need to let go of 24/7 work. Loud and clear).

Tonight I feel much better in my decisions, ok with the negativity I have gotten. They were my lessons and I learned well. I am no longer inviting that into my life. I am good at what I do and I deserve to enjoy what I do and be treated how I treat others- have fun and be kind. I no longer fear that I am going to mess up or let someone down, and therefore I will no longer attract someone to feel let down and tell me I am messing up.

I continued on with retreating as my body starts to get tired rather than push through. Did my night time ritual and am heading to bed for me and my body.


Treatment #4

I had trouble falling asleep last night, Sabrina mentioned yesterday was my highest vibrational energy she had felt and when that happens it can be hard to fall asleep at night until your body gets used to the new energy. I also mentioned that about 4 hours after every treatment I would have sharp pains in my lower right side of my stomach. I had that Tuesday and Wednesday. (Later in the treatment I made the connection it was the spleen and took that to a functional medicine doctor and he immediately identified I have an immune disorder- I had no idea! And have never felt this/had the awarness and make the connection before the bip energy treatment!)

I asked what the energy from the back was from the first day and she said that I was carrying around old trauma and was not supported.  Also asked her about the stone I should purchase and it was black tourmaline to protect me from others energy, reminding me to clean the stone every day wit the sun, moon or sound to release the energy it absorbed.

Digestion is continuosly improving with each treatment as well. Interesting side note!

I felt happier today. Going into the treatment was nice, relaxed. The treatment itself seemed totally fine at first, seemed like not much left to do. But within 10 minutes or so there was so much energy surrounding my heart, like could actually feel the vibrations. It was feeling so open and so much more aware and then simultaneously feeling very vulnerable and on a mission. No longer wanting to sit back on things that were bothering me. Wanting to take care, not in an aggressive way, but in a calm, just want to exist and get things off my chest and stand up for myself kind of way. No longer let things happen to me and allow the energy to stay inside of myself just in order to “protect” or be kind to someone else. What about me? I need to take care of myself and speak up when things bother me just as I would for anyone else I loved. I didn’t express this out-loud but at the end of the treatment Sabrina said I needed to start connecting to that sacral energy, my warrior to go and get what I want and what I need. Fill up my cup and if it runs over by all means share and give to others but take care of myself and express when things hurt and bother me, otherwise I am just storing the negative energy myself which brings down my vibration and does no justice for anyone. I can’t help anyone then.  She also mentioned that my heart was so open and it just showed that it wasn't that closed to begin with- that I was responding very well to the treatment, that there wasn’t much for her to work on today that my vibration is much higher and I will start to see changes. Not to focus on anything though, just live my life and I it will just happen. I will be more aware. Express more.

Stay tuned.

Saturday Morning

Definitely feeling more open and communicative. I was open with Chris about a concern of mine on Thursday and then on Friday was very open with him about how strong my feelings are for him. Friday I was also forth coming and just straight up asked my friend if I said anything at dinner that upset her in any way. It feels great and natural and like what I always wanted to be doing. I think that is how I used to be actually and my family always denied it, always said nothing was wrong, nothing was happening, everything was fine whenever I asked questions, which never resolved my feelings and instead made me feel I could not trust my feelings.

I am still struggling with sleep a little bit, however I am starting to go to bed at a time for me rather than force staying awake. I am starting to do more for me. Even when I wake up in the morning now, instead of waiting for Chris to wake up I put on a podcast, go for a run or go down and make tea or go to work. Just feeling more in my self. I am being very open with how it has been challenging to have negativity and some non support, especially when I have my own fears with creating the expo and building a business. But the perspective has changed. Yes it is scary and challenging and putting myself in a vulnerable position but I can step up to that. I can accept the challenge and I will accept it, I have accepted it. I am moving forward through those fears and staying true to my passion and my mission to make the world a kinder more accepting place and creating spaces that make people feel better than when they walked in (aka the expos). I want to inspire growth and positivity and self confidence and most of all happiness. And reduced calm. I love helping people. I want to help everyone. This is my contribution to begin to do that. Bringing together other professionals that want to help people in general, help heal them, help them grow, help them through trauma or difficulties on their journey. The expo matters because those things truly matter. I matter. I am valuable and more than that my longing and intentions are so strong an pure that it cannot lead me astray or be ignored.


June 4th-Sunday

Awareness and communication is much more heightened. I realized that the reason I say I am not so sure about kids is because I am worried I am not going to be a good mother. What if I am like my mother and cannot give my child what they need and they feel neglected or hurt?

Also, was very open with friends and family lately. Expressing any and all my feelings or hurt rather than just swallow it. Just generally being more open and asking or saying what is on my mind more often. Also feeling more aware of myself, what I look like, more connected with myself. Sounds strange but things like what my feet look like, my eyes feel like they have changed- look lighter blue, more shimmery. Also, feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and being ok with not pleasing everyone. Which is huge.


June 5th- Monday

I am feeling more aware. I didn't realize that I am going through a little bit of a depression, that I feel everything very deeply. That even though I keep chasing a dream that I may not feel 100% confident that I will achieve it, or more accurately at this point I think I am terrified that I might. I keep hearing that people are scared of success and sabotage things because deep down they do not feel they deserve it. I want to rectify that. I do deserve success, I deserve to have all my dreams come true. And most importantly I deserve to live my life and not be stifled just because a few people are going to want to knock me down. If 99 people supported and raved about me and 1 said I was horrible and dumped on my work/vision or just me as a person in general then I got so caught up with that 1. Believing that, because I guess I thought it was more believable. Fuck that. No more. People can talk all they want. I am going to keep going. I know that I am a good person with good intentions and am worthy of a good life and I NOW can acknowledge that. Walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


June 13th- Tuesday

I am now in Vancouver. Have been here since the 7th. Cannot believe it has been nearly a week already since I got here. In terms to feeling the bio energy, I am just feeling more aware. Noticing more that I do not know how to articulate exactly what I am trying to say. I knew I struggled with that, but I am noticing more and more that it takes me a while to get to the point, I am not clear and concise and people may lose interest.  I am also less stressed and less anxiety filled. People are affecting me less, I am letting things go more rather than take it on as a personal attack or me failing.  Focusing more on what I am doing right and open to improving what I need to- which I have always been like but at least now I am not taking the negative so much to heart.  I am quite sleepy here. Even though last night I went to bed around 9:30pm and woke up at 8:00am. Didn't do anything this morning other than work a little and eat. Strange.


Last Treatment:

Was amazing. Every time I have a treatment I leave feeling better. Grounded, but more uplifted and awake- more aware and present than ever. Stress levels have completely reduced. Work life balance is actually balanced as I no longer have the anxiety stress that motivates me to work around the clock unnecessarily. Better insight to what is worth my time and effort and what is not now that the chronic stress has been lifted. Sleep is coming much more easily and deeply (yay!), and just generally moving with the flow. So nice. Very cool treatment, would highly recommend giving it a go if you are dealing with anything health and wellness related. I love it because I have practiced EVERYTHING; yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journelling, counselling, self care, support groups- you name it. I am a Holistic health advocate and I truly get in there and experience the modalities I preach and talk about. And there is something to be said about all that work- it is fantastic and such amazing practices to have. However, sometimes when you are dealing with somehting so deep or cannot seem to clear with the above mentioned this is where bio energy can truly help. For me personally, it was a few years of dealing and healing a deep pain that I had experienced and I put in the WORK. I did it all, like I mentioned. I went head first to deal with it, so I could heal, clear it and move on towards a happier healthier future. But what I experienced was so deep rooted that even after years of all that work (and it did wonders, I would never take away from any of it, it truly changed my life and helped me exponentially), however even after all that work there was still lingering pain, depression and thought patterns that I didn't even realize or was able to conquer with those modalities and bio energy was the last peice to the puzzle. Shifting my energy and removing the blockages that I was carrying around. Love it. Love Sabrina. Love you guys, so I am sharing.


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