My current take on Aromatherapy

I have been MIA for a while on the essential oil side of my business because to be honest I am not sure how I feel about them anymore. In my opinion MLM's are ruining the art of aromatherapy, insulting the hard work, study and commitment to those who have spent their lives dedicated to the feild, and are advocates for copius over-use and inappropraite use that is not only unsafe and unecessary to the end user but a travesty on our environment.

We are always seeing and over-hearing just how much plant material is takes to make a single oz or even drop of an essential oil- it is presented like a badge of honor- like "look at how precious and rare and therefore awesome it is". And while that is true, they are super precious and rare and beautiful we are focusing on the wrong side of it, being that this is a negative, not a positive. Using that much plant material to yeild such a small quantity of product is insane and if we keep going the way we are we won't have any of the plants to celebrate and use their beautiful properties at all, let alone as essential oils.

The fact is that we do not need to be using essential oils for everything and anything. In fact, in most cases the herb variation of the plant is a better choice and always a safer one in my humble opnion. Not to mention, MUCH more sustainable. If we (I say "we" lightly, as a broad term to what this industry now is) are truly aromatherapists and understand and respect the plants that we have become so fascinated with that we make it our life's work, then why are we not concerned with the sustainablity and proper use of them? Treating them as the treasures we surely boast about online to mass sell them? It's hypocracy really, they are so special and so rare that that is how we can justify the price, but don't use that same rationale when over-selling them, not thinking about how quickly we are advising client's to go through the material.

Whie I haven't settled 100% on how I will move forward with essential oils and clinical aromatherapy, as a professional aromatherapist here are my thoughts:

  • More herbs less E/O's. Period.
  • Stop using E/O's for what other remedies can easily address.
  • Stop the OVER use of E/O's. We do not need to use 20 drops of this, 20 drops of that and 20 drops of another for a bath. It is a waste and is unsafe. Same goes for diffuser's, a few drops will suffice, not a small pond.
  • You do not need to have a diffuser going 24/7. Not only is it a waste of E/O's but is not necessary from an effective standpoint.
  • Vote with your dollar. Purchase quality E/O's from educated suppliers or aromatherapists.
  • Stop using them to flavour or ingest. Here is a crazy idea if you want you water to taste like lemon, use actual lemon! Just because your yoga studio puts a tester bottle of lemon E/O by the water cooler with a sign saying all of its benefits does not make it so. The benefits may be accurate but the administration is most certainly not and therefore will render ineffective. Oh and it can harm your esophagus and/or stomach lining, that is if it can even makes it that far into your system undiluted considering water and oil do not mix. Regardless of what Young living may say. That's the science of oil and water. If it is properly mixing with your water, then you should really check the purity of your essential oil.




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