Reiki with Emilie Macas

Energy is a fascinating thing, and an even more fascinating holistic modality to practice. To be completely up front I have experienced Reiki a few times before by two different practitioners.  The first one, I experienced very little. The second practitoner I felt quite a bit , the findings were fascinating and I continued to work with her for a while. This was many years ago, possibly close to 5 now, and I didn't think to much about Reiki since then. That was until I met Emilie Macas.

I first met Emilie at a dinner get together and her energy when she is interacting socially is soothing and just incredibly beautiful, it was hard to deny what she could offer when working with her one on one in a treatment. From there we set up an appointment so I could experience her Reiki treatment for myself. From the moment I walked into Emilie's studio I felt at ease. She is inviting, warm, passionate and deeply intelligent about her craft. She started the session by explaining a little about Reiki, how the treatment is performed and sharing some of her personal experiences with it. But beyond that she took the time to really connect with me as a person before connecting with my energy as a Reiki client. No one else has ever done that and I thought that was so important and made such a difference for the overall treatment.

The treatment began as any other, making myself comfortable on the massage table, I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath. It didn't take long before I knew exactly how talented Emilie's gifts are. It was so strange, but I felt such an intense imbalance, like my left side was being pushed down so much that I could've sworn if I opened my eyes that my entire left side would be at least 6 inches lower than the right. In fact, it got so intesne that I kept trying to rectify it, adjusting my body, and even opened my eyes a couple times to see how I could fix it and quickly realized I couldn't. It didn't look imbalanced, it was the energy. At the end of the treatment, Emilie shared she could see that as well. It was so incredible.

I also immediately started to detoxify quite heavily. I was sweating, like absolutely stinking sweating. I experienced fatigue, a slight headache and I even develpoed a bad taste in my mouth- all within only a few hours after the treatment and lasted a day or two. Needless to say I also slept like a baby that night. The entire process was a wonderful release of toxins and energy that no longer served me.

Working with modalities such as energy can often be difficult to articulate. So much more happened in my treamtent with Emilie that goes beyond the ability to put in words. You simply have to experience it. But what I can put in to words is Emilie, and to sum her up would be to say she is an extremely gifted healer. A genuine, beautiful person who is kind, patient and takes the time to communicate and understand her clients and more importantly connect with them-- creating a safe place for them to learn, heal and grow. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Emilie and would highly recommend her to someone who is in need of healing or help on their personal journey or for those simply looking for an excellent Reiki Practitioner.

Thank you Emilie!


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