Ringing in the New Year with New Tradition: Ditching Body Shots for Body Wraps.
This year my main man and I decided to do something different for New Years.  

Instead of the usual, dress up, fancy dinner, night out dancing and sipping cocktails and reserving an over-priced hotel room we opted for a RESTORATIVE change to start the new year. Celebrating by nourishing ourselves at Ste.Anne's Spa.

We traded in a hotel for our cozy bed at home. Traded in dinner reservations for making comfort food at home together. And traded drinking and partying for an early night falling asleep talking about our hopes for the new year. We kissed at exactly at midnight in the darkness of our room and fell into a restful sleep as we transitioned into a New Year. And 6:45am STILL came WAY too early lol.

Got dressed, made a smoothie, walked the roo and headed to Ste. Anne's Spa- for the first time since I worked there some 6+ years ago.

We started by changing into our fluffy robes and headed to the massage chairs- which didn't turn on. After going to guest services and then unplugging and re-plugging in they started to work, but only one of them fully. Nonetheless- good times. 

From there we headed to the Grotto- freezing cold outside we stripped down to our suits and jumped in the hot tub.  Just as we start to relax into the warm water it starts to snow. Faces cold in the winter air and bodies warm we started to relax into our day.

Next- time to sweat in the Eucalyptus Steam Room. (read all its amazing benefits!), followed by biscotti and earl grey tea and a short snooze on the loungers before lunch.

Lunch started with a poached pear salad which was great, simple and done a million times before but still really yummy. I then got the Ste.Anne's Burger- made with organic beef from their very own on-site farm, which I thought was pretty friggin awesome.  Then we finished with a chocolate banana fudge cake, which I am pretty sure was gluten free. They have an on-site bakery that specializes in gluten free goodies (closed on New years Day though, so didn't get to check it out).

From there we bundled up and took a New Years Day Walk to their stables to see the horses (again on-site, does Ste. Anne's own the entire city of Grafton?), followed by a cozy gentle yoga class next to a wood burning fire place with instructor Jen- who was great. I loved her. Her personality was so comfy cozy, inviting and lovely- it could make any class enjoyable.

From there we rushed off to our afternoon tea where I ordered the Inn Repose Tea- a combo of rooibos, mint and chamomile that I loved.  (Their Earl Grey is also fantastic and has a hint of bergamot- yum!) We ordered the savroy plate for tea- smoked salmon pinwheels, alfalfa sprouts, white bean dip and hummus- that I gorged down quickly as I was running late for my spa treatment- which was what I was most excited about....and rightly so.

I was greeted by an off-beat women named Maria that at first I would say I couldn't figure her out but within an instant totally could because her energy spoke WAY louder than her words. And she was TERRIFIC. She is someone who GENUINELY loves treating people.  Because I had her it was no longer just a Festive Flare Body Wrap Spa Service, it was a holistic treatment, where she was intuitive and considerate to every single detail. She knew exactly what to focus on in my hot stone massage and had uniquely her own little methods of massage that  she incorporated that I have not experienced before and truly appreciated.

I have to say a BIG thanks to Jen and Maria- both whom took my Ste.Anne's experience that extra little bit higher because of their lovely souls.

XO Andrea Ashley


To book your Ste.Anne's Experience visit: www.steannes.com

Photo Credit:  Steannes.com


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