Rose Clay Face Mask

First off, this mask smells absolutely divine. Floral luxury at its finest. But it is just so silky applying to the skin and is great for nourishing dry, sensitive skin.


  1. Kaolin Clay
  2. Rose Essential Oil
  3. Pink and Red Rose Carrier Oil (Via email order only, made fresh to order!)



  1. Pour 2 tsp of clay into a glass bowl
  2. Slowly pour oil, constantly mixing until you form a smooth paste you desire ( I used 2 tsp of oil)
  3. Add in 3 drops of Andrea Ashley Rose essential oil 10% dilution, mix thoroughly
  4. Apply to skin, leave for 20 minutes
  5. Rinse with water, massaging in circular motions until clay is completely removed. Pat dry.
  6. Enjoy totally smooth, nourished skin.


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