Salads + SkinCare: Acne

I’m so excited to join up with my friend Jesse Lane to bring you a three-part Salads and Skin Care Series! Today Jesse Lane and I show you how lemon and hemp seeds can reduce acne when used on your skin and in recipes.

I’m making a versatile hemp and lemon face oil that is chock full of healthy nutritional EFA's and acne fighting properties. I use ingredients that will keep your skin clear and glowing. And jess Lane will be making a versatile hemp and lemon salad dressing that tastes awesome on just about any salad.  (honestly, it is so freakin good!)

When using lemon essential oil in skin care please be aware of its phototoxicity! Do not use within 12 hours of going outside and always wear sunblock even after the 12 hours to ensure full protection.  I used a very general recipe for the sake of informational purposes, but if trying this at home please reduce the essential oils to half of the directed amount. Lowering lemon to only 2 drops and clary sage to 1 drop in the 25 ml. You can do a patch test on the inside of your elbow before full usage.


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