Skin Spots & Scars: DIY Face Oil

Yes DIYs take work. And you precious time and energy.

And yes, they can cost a bit of money upfront for all the supplies.

But when you think about the fact that most retail face oils or serums can range from $30-$100 for a 15ml bottle, 5 minutes of your time and energy might be somehting to consider. This DIY will not only make that same size jar at a fraction of the price but you will have enough supplies left over to make 25 of these bad boys!! Not to mention it will be made fresh to order for you every time ;)



Castor is known to help acne, dry skin, stretch marks, and age spots

Rosehip is great for aiding in regeneration of skin cells and protecting and nourishing for all skin types

Avocado Contains Vitamin A, B and E as well as amino acids and protiens and can support damaged skin

Benzoin aids in healing bruises, scars due to it amazing regenerative properties

Immortelle is a healing oil, great for healing cuts, burns, stretch marks (old and new)

Petitgrain is a general stimulant for cell regeneration


Castor Oil

Rosehip Oil

Avocado Oil

Petitgrain Essential Oil

Benzoin Essential Oil

Immortelle Essential Oil



  1. Pour 5ml Avocado oil into glass dish
  2. Add 5ml  of Castor oil
  3. Add 4ml or Rosehip Oil, mix thoroughly
  4. Add 2 drops of immortelle, mix throughly
  5. Add 2 drops of Benzoin, mix thoroughly
  6. Add 1 drop of petitgrain, mix throughly.
  7. Pour mixture into 15ml glass bottle with airtight pump.
  8. Apply to area as needed in the evening after washing the face :)


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