Stress Release Bath Soak DIY


Immortelle is great for emotional over-stimulation (we all can get that, right?!), as well as greif and stress

Neroli is wonderful for anxiety, stress, regulates Qi and comforts the mind and heart...ahhhh

Black spruce I love for stress, emotional and mental fatigue and it's also claimed to bring hidden emotions to the surface, get that shizzy out of you!





  1. Pour 1 cup of epsom salts into bowl
  2. In a seperate bowl add 5 ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil
  3. Add 8 drops of black spruce to the coconut oil, mix thoroughly
  4. Add 10 drops of immortelle to the oil, mix thoroughly
  5. Add 10 drops of neroli to the oil, mix thoroughly
  6. Once oil mixture is thoroughly combined, add it into the salts.
  7. Mix salts and oils together until thoroughly combined.
  8. Set aside and pour your bath with warm bath water
  9. When your bath is ready hop in and soak for 20 minutes
  10. Relax and enjoy :)

Photo Cred: https://www.pinterest.com/source/castironbath.co.uk



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