Tell the sniffles to stick it!

For us Canadians the cold and flu season is upon us.

Some of us may have already experienced our first sniffles, coughs or sneezes. If you are anything like me you want to fight it like the plague!  I hate being sick. Other than the fact the symptoms absolutely suck- the side effects of being sick suck even more; I would no longer be able to teach my yoga classes or attend yoga classes as i don't want to pass along the germs. Taking meetings with my awesome custom skin care clients comes to a halt as I would not be the most reassuring portrait of health and making skin care products would for sure be out as I would never compromise the products with potential germs or bacteria.

So how do I stay healthy through cold Canadian Winters?

  1. I bundle up always. Avoid drafts or chills is the first part of keeping healthy.
  2. I eat healthy immune boosting foods.
  3. Drink lots of healthy teas.
  4. And of course use my immune boosting essential oils to prevent getting ill or nip it in the bud if an on-set occurs.

Here are some essential oils that have great immune supporting properties:

  • Basil- an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, plus is great for sore throats
  • Bergamot- is a powerful immune booster
  • Black Spruce- is great for a compromised immune, so if you are needing rebuilding after a sickness
  • Cajeput- similar to the scent of tea-tree is a great immune stimulant. Powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
  • Eucalyptus- is a known one for cold, flus and clearing a stuffy nose but it also has wicked properties for aiding chronic infections
  • Geranium- Strong immune stimulant
  • Lemon- encourages white cell production (your fighter cells to keep you healthy)
  • Myrrh- excellent immune stimulant. Also great for catarrh and coughs.

As always if you are new to essential oils please consult your certified aromatherapist for help in a proper use and dilutions for your specific needs.  Email Andrea Ashley if you have any questions or need help BEFORE using!

xo andrea ashley

This is for informational purposes only. This is not meant to treat or diagnose.


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