Private Label

Looking to brand your own line of essential oils?

With tried, tested and truly quality essential oils Andrea Ashley has you covered. Offering a full range of over 50 essential oils and 30 carrier oils you can create your own line in a few easy steps.

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Please note we are only offering private lable at this time, We are not currently accepting new product development clients.



Build your own custom branded product line for your business with an easy 3 step process. With Andrea Ashley you can create an all natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly, Canadian made product to build your start up or existing retail product line.


Discover Your Identity

Identifying your Signature Line.

Come along with us on a sensory journey to create a signature line of products and select scents that defines your brand image.


Formulation + Sampling

Creating your Signature Line.

Play, test and sample all the different products and scents chosen by YOU and created for YOU.


Branding + Packaging

Your signature line comes to life.

Chose signature packaging and labelling that reflects YOU and YOUR signature brand.

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