Aroma Yoga- 8 week session

Aromatherapeutic Yoga led my Master Clinical Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor Andrea Ashley
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8 week session

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Each week we will be focusing on a theme- working with both essential oils and physical movement to acheieve a truly holistic appraoch to wellness.

Week 1: Get grounded.

As we embark on this series we start our first class with getting into our practice, into our bodies and present moment.  This can be challenging in general but even more so when in a new atemosphere or starting a new class or program, so we are taking this hour to form connection with our bodies mat and mind. Using groudning essential oils, breathing techniques and grounding yoga poses you will leave this class restored and ready to get back into your yoga practice!

Week 2: Get Balanced.

This week we will be integrating more balance into our practice. Balancing out our left side and right side of our body, balancing our mind and emotions. Finding strength and calm in these movements. Using essential oils that help bring balance nervous system. Leave feeling more aligned with yourself.

Week 3: Get in Flow.

This week we will begin to introduce more of a flow style class. Fluidly moving from one pose to another. Working with oils for self awarness and self reliance. We can get out of flow in life when we are constantly doubting ourselves and turning to others to answer our questions; perhaps leading you down a road that doesn't feel right or bring you happiness. The most wonderful moments are achieved when we are in flow, listening to our guts, following our hearts, doing things that we are naturally drawn to. Let's yoga flow to help you get back into your life flow. 

Week 4: Get Energized.

Kicking it up a notch as we hit our stride and head into the summer months! Working with uplifting and energizing essential oils as we seamlessly move throughout our sequences, challenging our strength, cardio and endurance. Let your sweat and soul pour out of you.

Week 5: Get Happy.

Trying out yoga poses, maybe some new maybe some old, but all that bring you out of your shell and get you interacting.  This is a great class to ask questions, break down barriers to your concerns.

Week 6: Detoxed.

Let. it. all. go.  This week we will be working with twists and other detoxifying poses as well as essential oils to help stimulate the natural detoxifcation system in your body. Let's breath, move, release.

Week 7: Get Heart Centered.

You guessed it.  This class is all about the heart. Opening the heart also directly correlates with opening the chest, helping improve posture; releasing both physical and emotional constriction. Using essential oils that help warm the heart and connect you with it.

Week 8: Get Stress-less

Both physically and emotionally. Let's work on releasing tension in both the body and the mind; using essential oils that help soothe stress and asanas that help relieve tightness in the body.