Aromatherapy Consultation- Skin Care

Not sure what essential oils and carrier oils are best for your skin and sick of playing a guessing game?

Product Details

We can help.

With a  full comprehensive aroma skin care consultation we will not only provide you with a list of the top essential oils you should be using for you specific skin care needs, but we will also provide safe dilutions and recipes and regimens so you know what is best for your specific needs.

What you will achieve with this consult:

  • Takes the guessing game out of having to buy and try products. You will now know what oils to look for when you look at ingredients on your skin care.
  • You will have the convienece of being able to make your own skin care with the easy recipes included in your consultation.
  • Understand why you are using each of the oils and what they are specifically doing for your skin care needs.
  • Have a specific skin care conidtion with no luck of finding a product that works specifically for you needs? An aroma skin care consult can alleviate that as we take ALL your needs and concerns into consideration, right down to your sesitivities or preferences of scent, so you can not only find a product that completely works for your goals, but also feels, smells and fits in your regimen the way you want it to. Providing you DIY recipes to make a custom product JUST for you or if you prefer you can have a custom products made for you by Andrea Ashley herself at an additional cost.