Benzoin Essential Oil

Anti-catarral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, calming, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, sedative
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Family:                       Styracea (Ebony family)

Country Of Origin:        Indonesia

Extraction:                  From resin of the tree (resinoid)

Volatility:                   Base note (fixative)

Colour:                      Golden to dark brown

Aroma:                      Heavy and sweet like vanilla


Absolutely love benzoin, smells so yummy, sweet and heavy like vanilla. Instantly warming your soul.

  • reduces redness, irritation, crackedm chapped, inflamed and dry skin
  • soothes acne (rosacea), eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers and wounds
  • aids in healing bruises, scars due to it amazing regenerative properties

Vanilla sweet and soothes the skin? Sounds like a perfect fit for a night of comforting after a long week!


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