Clary Sage

anti-allergenic, anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, anti-rheumatic, hypotensive, sedative
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Family:                       Lamiaceae or Labiatea (mint)

Country Of Origin:        Italy, France, Syria

Extraction:                  Steam distilled using flowering tops and leaves

Volatility:                   Top

Colour:                      Clear to pale yellow

Aroma:                      Heavy and sweet like vanilla


  • acne, oily prone skin, boils, dandruff, wrinkles, cell regenerator
  • restorative




Avoid use with low blood pressue and alcohol.  Do not use in first 6 months of pregnancy. Over use can trigger headaches and narcotic effect. Avoid use with endometriosis, breast, ovarian, uterine cysts and other estrogen dependant conditions


insider's tip: Clary Sage + Cypress + Cajeput= PMS Oil


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