Custom Therapeutic Facial

60 Minute Facial + First Time Assesment + Custom Facial 15ml Serum or Facial Therapy Cream
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Custom Aromatherapy Facial
First Time Custom Therapeutic Facial
First Time Custom Therapeutic Facial

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Custom Aromatherapy Facial INCLUDES:

First Time: 90 Minute Facial + First Time Assesment + Custom Facial 15ml Serum or 50g Facial Therapy Cream

Subsequent: 60 Minute Facial


For first time clients this treatment includes a sit down one on one holistic consultation with an Andrea Ashley Expert to discuss your skin care goals and asses your current skin care needs. From here we will fully customize your treatments based on your specific needs. The goal is to work with the skin and soul- choosing techniques and ingredients that work with your overall wellness needs. Our facials are very therapeutic, relaxation based so this treatment will not only lead you to healthier more hydrated and nourished skin but is also a beautiful way to spend an hour de-stressing and focusing on you. Skin Care. Self Care. Self Love.

  • All products used in our facials are created from scratch using Andrea Ashley raw ingredients such as clays, essential oils, carrier oils, floral waters, and other plant based ingredients combined for your specific needs. While our Andrea Ashley cleanser has been pre formulated to work with all skin types to do its job effectively without disrupting the skin's natural pH and balance.
  • Your custom TAKE HOME PRODUCT (serum or Facial Therapy Cream value $87+tax included with first time facial) formula will be kept on file and you can re-order at any time or during your next facial appointment.

Please note your free take home product is included in your first time visit only.