Holiday Essential Oil Pack

Make your home smell like the a non-toxic way of course!
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Holiday Home Scent Pack

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So many of use love making our home smell fragrant of holiday traditions- some do this with cooking, baking and having real Christmas trees, but many of us buy scented candles to fragrance our home.  Most of these are toxic, unnatural fragrances that can fill our air with harmful substances. This year why not use nature's oils to make the home smell just as yummy, without the harmful ingredients plus even ad in a few health happy benefits!



  • Known to relieve symptoms of cold, sore throat, and congestion 



Candy cane fragrance not necessary, you get the true yummy peppermint here!

  • also great for flus, colds- useful in early onset stage. Do not use when trying to rest


Black Spruce

Get the REAL smell of Christmas trees!

  •  It balances ions in the air and clears the energy in the room =awesome.  Plus it aids is reducing stress, a grounding oil



Mix with cinnamon for a yummy spiced orange holiday scent (also blends beautifully with peppermint and black spruce, mix it up!)

  • Uplifting, great for colds and bringing a sense of balance and calm- perfect for the holiday season!