Holistic Beauty Expo- Toronto

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The event is to bring together Canadian Holistic brands that focus on skin care, self-care and self-love. I want this event to be different in the sense that it won't be vanity focused and instead more self-love focused, teaching and inspiring our attendees how to take care of themselves, nourish themselves and to love who they are, exactly how they are. Embracing their natural beauty. Their natural selves.

We are so excited to get all of you skin care formulators, self care professionals and self love experts and general holistic beauty lovers all under the same roof meet you!

A little about what is happening at this one day event (by the by, this is going to be annual! And growing into a multi day conference style expo! So you do NOT want to miss our debut year!)



  • Tickets are being sold by entry time, to allow a nice flow and for each of our beautiful attendees to experience everything!
  • Don't worry, just because you have to enter at a certain time does not mean there is an expiry on your stay ;)


The Brands:

  • R.Devine Skincare
  • Province Apothecary
  • Uniquely Pure
  • Cocoon Apothecary
  • Okoko Cosmetiques
  • Selfish (Brand Debut!)
  • Huna Natural Apothecary
  • Bella Aura
  • Clean Kiss Organics
  • Sudsatorium
  • Michelle Schuster Acupuncture
  • Cotton Blossom Skin Care (Brand Debut!)
  • Age Quenchers


Speaker Stage Schedule:


12:00pm: Lisa Carnwith, Owner of Mind Body Engineering

Putting Your Best Self Forward; how to change the brain for a more positive outlook

12:20pm: Shirley Zabol, Naturopath

Murder she wrote; How we are killing ourselves and our loved ones with our daily personal care regimes

1:00pm: Holly Fennel. Naturopath

Beauty Supplements, Fact or Fiction: a talk designed to discuss different vitamins and nutrients and the science and proof behind them.

2:00pm Amanda Willett, Owner of Blissful Living Network

The Art of Sacred Self Love; 7 Steps to Claim Your Chic + Beautiful Life

3:00pm Kristy Pisani, Global Body Image Movement Ambassador, Yoga and Movement Educator

EMBRACE: This is you; 10 steps to creating a healthy body image

4:00pm Christine Nicole, Owner and Formulator of Body Cherish

The Harder You Fall, The Higher You Bounce; A women’s journey from self-destruction to positive transformation through radical self-love & care


Stefani Chan, Yoga Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist

Inner Radiance = Outer Radiance - meditation, lifetyle & herbs for beauty and wellbeing


Rooftop Workshops (weather permitting):

Katie Bushie, Holistic Coaching and Wellness

Nourish yo soul; what it means to live from within and outward vs outward inward. Conversation around having a healthy inner convo- mantras, affirmations and care