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Vitamin E USP-d-alpha tocopherol acetate 1000 IU/g Natural Non GMO Source
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Natural vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and vital to the nutrition of the skin.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not a preservative! Anti-oxidants are meant to stabilize the oil portion of a cream so that it does not oxidize and go rancid.  A preservative is any substance which provides broad-spectrum activity to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold in products containing water.

Use only pure mixed tocopherols from vegan source such as soybeans.  It is a very thick, dark brown liquid and must be kept out of direct light.  Only purchase in dark amber bottles.  It has become quite expensive so be careful that you are purchasing pure and not diluted.

Vitamin E pre mixed with vegetable oils such as almond or olive oil, loose the anti-oxidant properties so don’t waste your money on those.

Synthetic vitamin E is less expensive, but not nearly as absorbent, lacks nutritional value and may cause reactions as many are mixed with petroleum products to extend shelf life and reduce costs. You can tell the difference as it is always clear to light amber colour and leaves a sticky residue.  The savings are simply not justified.

Pure vitamin E is an esential nutrient which our body requires, especially the skin.  It is one of the most sought after ingredients of cosmetics world wide and should be added to any oil or cream based products.

Suggested Uses

Many people will apply it directly to the skin and think it is beneficial, but for best results, add 1-2 % to a natural cream, lotion or carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.  The molecules are dispersed effectively, absorb faster into the skin and will save you a lot of money.   Pure vitamin E is only soluble in other oils, fats, creams or lotions.  It is insoluble in water and water based products.

Creams / Lotions – Add 1-2 % to your favorite cream or lotion.  Stir until mixed thoroughly. Provides extra nourishment to help with elasticity for softer, more supple skin.

Massage Oils – Add 2 – 3 % and mix in thoroughly before use.  Adds luxurious viscosity and will slow down oxidization of vegetable oils which may otherwise go rancid because of the heat of the skin.  *Will slow oxidization rate of vegetable oils mixed with essential oils.

Ointments / Body Butters – Melt ointments or butters to liquid state and stir in 1 – 5% depending on needs to provide antioxidant support to fragile butters or vegetable oils in the mix which may go rancid due to heat.